Jim Shannon – Chicago Tribune – September 22, 1964

Bushidokan Yudanshakai™ History: Jim Shannon was one of Sensei Jim Harrison’s Ju-Jitsu & Judo practice partners in the early 1960’s. According to Sensei Harrison, Shannon was an extremely strong Judo player and a really tough street fighter. The following newspaper article from 1964 confirms that assessment!

Chicago Tribune
Tuesday, September 22, 1964

Judo Expert Flips Robber
Parachutists Jump on His Accomplice

An armed robber and his accomplice got the worst of it yesterday when they encountered a judo expert and a group of parachute jumpers in a Calumet City tavern.

“It looked as if the sky divers were practicing parachute jumnps on them,” Police Chief Casimir E. Linkiewicz said after the two robbers were treated in St. Margaret’s Hospital, Hammond.

The story began when Paul R. Chamnik, 27, of 10430 Avenue L, armed with a .38 caliber automatic, and Ray W. Soto, 31, of 10245 Avenue N, announced a holdup at the Palace Club, 263 Torrence Ave.

Take Patrons’ Wallets

Soto stood by the door as Chamnik went along the row of patrons at the bar, ordering them back one by one and taking their wallets and money from the bar.

When Chamnik reached James Shannon, 31, of 14421 S. Kimbark Ave., Dolton, he jammed the gun in Shannon’s ribs and ordered him to move quicker.

He shouldn’t have. Shannon is a former sergeant with the 187th regimental combat team who made two parachute jumps in Korea and holds a second degree black belt in judo.

Chamnik suddenly found himself on the floor. Shannon had grabbed his gun hand and had flipped him. The gun went off, the bullet passing between Shannon’s legs and thudding into the floor.

Others Jump Accomplice

This was the signal for 14 other patrons – fellow members with Shannon in the Midwest-East Skydiving Club – to rush and overpower Soto.

Shannon, who weighs 158 lbs. to Chamnik’s 210, had to be pulled off Chamnik by police, who arrived a few minutes later.

Chamnik was charged with attempted robbery of the Palace and with the robbery a few hours earlier of another Calumet City tavern. Wallets taken in the earlier holdup were found in his car. Soto was charged with attempted robbery. Preliminary hearings were scheduled for Nov. 2 in Calumet City branch of Circuit court.”